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>Agreed. And the fallout from the Death Star (radiation, debris, etc.)
>should have demolished the surface of Endor as it had no shields, but we
>conventiantly forget those things...but there is one website (whose link
>I've since lost) called the Star Wars Techinical Files or something along
>those lines, that actually goes ito great detail over this and all other
>techincal matters in Star Wars. I really need to hunt that site down
>again. Yavin should have been the same way.

Actually, I had been in communication with the webmaster of the Star Wars
Technical Commentary (Curtis Saxton) a long time ago, and I asked him that
question. I think the answer was that the first Death Star was simply too
far away to leave lasting marks on Yavin (in fact, I, Jedi had Qui Xux
looking for debris of the Death Star, but there weren't any.) But it was a
long time ago and I don't remember too good.

>I also still wish the original ending had been kept, and Lando had died
>with the Falcon trying to escape the exploding Death Star II.

What, you don't like Lando? Or the Falcon?

Jonathan Ng

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