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> > The idea behind JEP is sound, and is what many modern >military is
> >trying to do, for example the NATO 7.62mm standard (despite the >fact that
> >M16s are using 5.56mm..)
> I think it's the opther way around, standard NTO ammo is 5.56 as seen in the
> M16, SA-80(L8), Steyr Aug and other rifles (IIRC even the frickin AK-74 uses
> 5.56 rounds).

No, he had it right. The NATO standard is 7.62mm. Other NATO 7.62mm assault
weapons include the American AR-10, M14, M14A1, and Stoner M62; the Australian
L1A1 and L2A1; the Austrian SSG 69; the Belgian M49 FN; the British L1A1, L39A1,
Envoy, Enforcer, L42A1 and Model 82 Parke-Hale; the Canadian C1A1, C2 andC2A1;
the Chinese Type 53, Type 56 and Type 68; the Czechoslovakian Model 52, Model 56
and Model 58; the Finnish M60, M62 and M76 Automatic Valmet; the German Model 98
Mauser, G3 Heckler & Koch and PSG1 High-Precision Marksman H&K, the Hungarian
AMD-65, the Israeli ARM/AR and SAR Galil; the Italian BM 59 Baretta; the
Japanese Type 64; the Russian M1891/30 Mosin Nagant, Simonov SKS, Kalashnikov
AK-47 AKM and Dragonov SVD; the Spanish Model E CETME; the Swiss SG 510-4 SIG;
and the Yugoslavian M59/66 A1, M70B1, M70AB2, M76 and M77B1.

The Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifle, the 1974 update of the classic 7.62x39mm
(.30 caliber) AK-47, uses a 5.45x39mm (.22 caliber) cartridge, not a 5.56mm
(.223 caliber).

The Austrian Steyr Army Universal Gun (AUG) and the British Sterling-Armalite
(SA) AR-18, AR-180 SCS and AR-18S are indeed all 5.56x45mm weapons.

> > Now that you mentioned it, it is pretty stupid, but >perhaps they
> >weren't really standardizing everything, just the common parts. >Like,
> >perhaps apogee motor designs, weapons and coolant connection >points,
> >standardization of weapon bore (90mm etc, but the 110mm of the >Gelgoog JG
> >throws things out the window).
> As i pointed out the arms. Maybe they can come out with a whole Mg line of
> these showing similar internal structure except where it matters (legs,
> arms, head, and maybe part of the core).

Again, the 110mm "small arm" for the Gelgoog scales down to the equivalent of a
.44 caliber (11mm) conventional weapon. A .45 caliber (11.8mm) may have been
intended, as that was caliber of the classic "Tommy Gun" Thompson submachinegun.


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