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It is a great film. But you knew that it is the transposition of a japanese
novel "Hotaru no haka", written by Akiyuki Nozaka (I'm not totally sure
about the name of the writer, anyway I'm sure it's a novel as my teacher of
japanese has translated it)?

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> And if you haven't seen "Grave of the Fireflies" yet, you absolutely must.
> It hit home pretty hard for me, as my mother's hometown of Hitachi was
> burned down during the firebombing, and she was seperated from her parents
> for a month. She is now mentally ill, and I can't help but wonder if this
> traumatic childhood experience contributed to that.
> Pc
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> >Anyway Barefoot Gen is born as a manga and it has taken several prizes as
> >best comic in Europe. And if you like works (manga or anime) about WWII I
> >suggest you a work by Osamu Tezuka, the original title is "Adolph ni
> >tsugu",
> >the translation of the italian title is "Story of the three Adolph". It's
> >just superb.
> >Alessandro
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