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Maus! That is one great graphic novel! Really poignant, the emotion and the
struggle of the characters is great. Has anyone read Raw or any other of
Spiegelman's works?
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> Before you were speaking about "Maus" of Art Spiegelmann, weren't you? If
> you were, I know that work (some comics seem more real novel than comics,
> and this is the case). Anyway I want to try to explain better the plot of
> the Tezuka's manga.
> We have two boys, both german and named Adolph, but one is a jew and the
> other is son of a nazi. In their childhood (they are in japan, and the
> nazi's son has a japanese woman as mother) they become friend, till the
> nazi's son is sent to a Gerrmany's school (an academy) to become a nazi
> officer. The Adolph-jew discovers a secret about Hitler (the third Adolph
> the title), but we will never know if it is real or false. Anyway, it's a
> secret that could destroy nazism. After some years, Adolph-nazi is sent to
> Japan to take back the secret about Hitler but he will have to fight
> his old friend and ...
> I can't say the end. But i can tell another thing. The story is more
> complex than it could seem, there are several characters, there is an
> incredibly well done psychological analysis of the characters and so on.
> this in 5 volumes (each of more than 220 pages, often reaching 250) and, I
> can tell you, once you will have read it you will never forget it and
> wonder why it was so short.
> Last thing. I don't know if there is a film about it (if there is I'd like
> to see it) but it has taken some prizes for best work in Europe (a german
> prize too).
> Alessandro
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> > >It seems to be the story of Tezuka I was talking of. Two boys, both
> german
> > >but living in Japan one is a jew. Wheh they were children they were
> > >friends,
> > >but the german (not jew) goes to Germany and becomes a nazist. After
> > >two
> > >Adolfs will meet only to fight each other. Was this the story you had
> > >heard?
> > >Alessandro
> >
> > Yeah, that sounds like it! Is it an anime movie, or live action? I
> > know that it took place in Japan, or even that the one German Adolph
> to
> > war as a Nazi. I thought it was more or less based on their taboo
> > friendship, how society dealt with it, and conversely, how they dealt
> > society.
> >
> > Man, even if it isn't what I'm thinking of, I still gotta find a copy.
> >
> > -G
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