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Have you ever heard "Dare" or "Touch" from the Tranformers the movie
soundtrack? I would have recommended those for your song. By the way how did
you make the video, tools, etc? I'd like to make some of these. Anyone seen
the Sailor Moon one set to "Mortal Kombat"?
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> Okay, as a longtime anime music video conniseur (sp?), i'll give a little
> constructive feedback.
> 1. The Top Gun theme is _The most_ overused song in anime music videos,
> especially scifi/giant robot ones. That's immediately a knock against it,
> because you feel its something you'd seen before.
> 2. There was some pretty good editing, switches, and fades throughout, but
> there were an equal number of times where entire scenes were played out,
> lending an atmosphere of just watching clips set to music.
> 3. A combination of the first two, the Top Gun theme just isn't dynamic
> enough (i.e. relatively flat with few opportunities for timed scene
> to make the video look as though it's matching the music. It's done as
> as can be expected given the music, but......
> 4. Seeing subtitles in a music video is a definate no-no. Seeing 'em adds
> feeling of unprofessionalism. Of course, like all things there's a
> corollary, and that being a video with Ping Pong Club footage set to Lords
> of Acid's Young Boys, in which there's a scene with a guys pants dropping
> and then subtitled "IT'S HUGE!" which fit perfectly with the music and
> of the video. The rest of the video was subtitle clean though, it was only
> there for effect.
> Considering it's a first video it wasn't bad at all, but it didn't really
> pack any emotional punch. If you're going to do a video with mecha combat
> other action sequences, you really need something fast and upbeat tht
> for quick cuts. Being able to time you cuts successfuly really adds a huge
> element to a video since it requires a lot more effort, and it usually
> shows.
> Keep on trying, and do let us know when you've got another one up.
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> > Ok gang, the 0083 music video is now ready for download. All zipped up
> > about 7MB. 0083 to the tune of top gun...what are you waiting for now?
> > E-mail me with comments.
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