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Chris Maier wrote:

> Perhaps blurring will make the lines appear a little less rough. For
> instance, sometimes fog can make an image sharper in anime(Take Tenchi Muyo
> episode 4, the hot tubs one)

The thing is, they never said "blurring". They said "Parallaxing, and Focus
effects". When i hear Paralaxing I think of the way backgrounds were animated in
old side scrolling video games. so who knows what they mean.

Anyway most digital camera effects in anime these days are rubbish. (Sol Bianca
the...Barf...Legacy) There are a few notable exceptions though, like: Cowboy
Bebop, Gasaraki, and Spriggan. Who knows... I'm just concerned anytime anyone
wants to "Improve" on a classic anime. Just look how Bandai "Improved" Gundam
The Battle Master 2.

---Brett Jensen

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