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>I'm looking for a certain song from Zeta Gundam but I don't know what the
>title is, it's the one that plays in the background whne you use the Zeta in
>SRW Alpha.

Its either

宇宙を?ける ゼ-タ発?
Uchu wo ? keru Zeta Hassha?

or the one with 3 char which I'm not familiar. sorry.

sorry but this is what I am capable of translating gomen. The text above is in S-JIS format and viewable with NJWIN or any Jap Windows sys.

Great BGM IMO although I hate Four's Themes w/c IMHO doesn't go with her Psycho Gundam 水の星へ愛をこめて/Mizu no Hoshi he Ai wo Komete

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