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>A friend of mine got this model. I never even knew it existed, >I had seen
>the mecha on mechadomain, but that was the only picture of it >that I've
>seen. Well, that is one kick ass kit. Does anyone have it? I >never knew
>how cool the GP03S looks. They should make a master grade of it.

Been thinking about it too and the GP03S (without the Orchis base) would
make an interesting MG alone in itself. There are already a lot of features
on the MS that would keep up my interest in it for sure. I've been studying
the line-art and had come to the conclusion that the best base for it would
be the... surprise surprise the NT1 Alex/ Gm Custon frame. The body, though
lackin the upper vents has just about the right sloping shape for this, just
change the center part of the core, slight changes would be made to the
waist design (especially the two flaps at the back). The thighs are almost
exactly the same as the GM Custom's and the inner fram of the NT1/GM Custon
is small enough and has allowances for a second internal frame layer tho
allow for the shape of the GP03S's legs. The arms would need a lot of work
but that's not to hard since there is no internal frame to worry about, and
the upper part of the arm would allow for other varians such as the GM Kai.
The head, well it'll probably be the only MG head that wouldn't need its
seam to be filled up since the design does call for a seam there.
Accesories, the GP01 Beam rifle and that folding bazooka.


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