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Don't mix the philosophy with the music. If you read the Nietzsche's work
(is it possible that english editio has been censored?) since the beginning
you will read "God is dead" (I wanted to write "as Nietzsche told "God is
dead, I can tell...", but I forgot to write "God is dead").
But it's not this the matter. I never was a good student in philosophy but
some statements remain impressed. So, you can be sure, read the book if you
want, Nietzsche told it.
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> At 14:21 12/02/2000 +0100, Alessandro wrote:
> >As Nietzsche once (in "Also spracht Zarathustra") told, I can tell you
> >Gundam is dead.
> Y'know, I played Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra" over and over,
> backwards and forwards, and I can't hear any voice at all, much less some
> saying the Gundam is dead. Or God. Or anybody.
> I tried this with the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space
Odyssey, the
> electronic version by Isao Tomita, and even that disco sounding version by
> Deodato and none of them is anything but instrumental -- no hidden
messages at
> all.
> Sorry. Just kidding. I couldn't help myself.
> I'll shut up now.
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