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Before you were speaking about "Maus" of Art Spiegelmann, weren't you? If
you were, I know that work (some comics seem more real novel than comics,
and this is the case). Anyway I want to try to explain better the plot of
the Tezuka's manga.
We have two boys, both german and named Adolph, but one is a jew and the
other is son of a nazi. In their childhood (they are in japan, and the
nazi's son has a japanese woman as mother) they become friend, till the
nazi's son is sent to a Gerrmany's school (an academy) to become a nazi
officer. The Adolph-jew discovers a secret about Hitler (the third Adolph of
the title), but we will never know if it is real or false. Anyway, it's a
secret that could destroy nazism. After some years, Adolph-nazi is sent to
Japan to take back the secret about Hitler but he will have to fight against
his old friend and ...
I can't say the end. But i can tell another thing. The story is more
complex than it could seem, there are several characters, there is an
incredibly well done psychological analysis of the characters and so on. All
this in 5 volumes (each of more than 220 pages, often reaching 250) and, I
can tell you, once you will have read it you will never forget it and
wonder why it was so short.
Last thing. I don't know if there is a film about it (if there is I'd like
to see it) but it has taken some prizes for best work in Europe (a german
prize too).
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> >It seems to be the story of Tezuka I was talking of. Two boys, both
> >but living in Japan one is a jew. Wheh they were children they were
> >friends,
> >but the german (not jew) goes to Germany and becomes a nazist. After The
> >two
> >Adolfs will meet only to fight each other. Was this the story you had
> >heard?
> >Alessandro
> Yeah, that sounds like it! Is it an anime movie, or live action? I didn't
> know that it took place in Japan, or even that the one German Adolph went
> war as a Nazi. I thought it was more or less based on their taboo
> friendship, how society dealt with it, and conversely, how they dealt with
> society.
> Man, even if it isn't what I'm thinking of, I still gotta find a copy.
> -G
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