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>Subject: [gundam] Gundam is dead
>Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 14:21:14 +0100
>As Nietzsche once (in "Also spracht Zarathustra") told, I can tell you that
>Gundam is dead. You have seen Wing Gundam in english translation before
>Gundam and can't fully understand what I feel (in Italy, Gundam had been
>broadcasted twenty years ago; but Gundam's broadcasting not bein authorized
>by Sunrise was suspended after having seen it twice). I really can't
>understand passion for other Gundam series but the series from the first to
>the film "Char's counterattack" (including Z and ZZ series and the 0080 and
>0083 OAV and the actual o8th team OAV series). IMO there can't be a Gundam
>withot Amuro and Char's fightings. It's just a merchandising operation the
>creation of series as Victory Gundam, Turn A Gundam and Alternate
>series. Selling something connected with Gundam's name is easier than
>selling something that must have time to impose over other series. Now, in
>my country, Gundam Wing will be brodcasted (any way this is what I have
>heard to say). I am not enthusiastic as I see you are. I am sorry. But,
>though I was just a child, I can't forget the last episode of Gundam, the
>fighting between Amuro and Char, Char that shoots to ... (you know the
>person he shoots to, don't tou? If you don't, I won't say that). Images
>strongly impressed in my mind and in my heart. Nothing can take their
>With Amuro and Char's death (?) Gundam is dead too. If other serie must be
>done, I want to ask you one thing: wouldn't you like to see Char's
>escalation between the top aces of Zion Principality, fighting versus the
>Earth Federation and with an increasing hate to Zion ("Zion" is the Italian
>name of Zeon, as I have noticed yuo refer to) family? I would. Tell me
>you think about or what kind of Gundam series (that againg doesn't exist)
>you would like to see. But, please, a Gundam Universal Century one.
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