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OK, but would you rather have the HG Zeta or the original '86 1/144 Zeta
model? This otaku opts for the HG, HD (Hands Down).


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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Worst models?
>Date: Sat, 2 Dec 00 00:54:13 -0500
> >Yeah. It was one of the Retcon things, I think. They tried to redo it,
> >it didn't come off well. Little interesting fact: I saw the Zeta first
> >this version, so when I saw the real one, the real version kinda looked
> >starnge to me, LOL!
>I don't like this version (the redone 1/144) The Wing Binders are huge,
>like they're trying to make it look more like the Zeta Plus C1, with the
>lower wing section being really big, instead of really tiny like on the
>original. But the worst part of this model is the fact that it's
>constructed in such a wildly different way that you can barely use it for
>scrap parts!! The only thing I salvaged are the Beam sabers, one I used
>on Nu Gundam, one on my Zeta Plus, after I drilled a hole in the right
>hand... The Zeta's Legs are built crappily and they don't go with any
>other model... so those are useless. The arms are salvagable I guess, but
>since this is wildy original Gundam, it's a wildly original model, so may
>parts are different... oh well, that sucks, I lost 15 bucks, no biggy
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