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If you want to see the G-armor, the Gyan, the Zaku I, the Bigro, Grabro,
Zakurello, etc. get the tv series. The Movies cut out the strange MA's.


"Zoo-san, Zoo-san"
            -Crayon Shinchan

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>Subject: [gundam] Gundam movies
>Date: Fri, 1 Dec 00 20:45:03 -0500
>Ok, this is something I've been thinking about really hard lately... I
>mean REALLY hard... I've been looking for episodes of the original Gundam
>for some time, and have turned up empty handed, however I never really
>thought of getting the movies. I want to but there are some questions I
>need answered... First of all, what came first? The movies or the show?
>What do you think it better? Is the animation about the same? Does
>everything that happens in the show happen in the movies? What is over
>all a better buy? I personally want to get the episodes since they're
>original, right? arrrgggh, dilemma, please help
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