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Chris Maier wrote:

> Well, a mass charge is technically what the rebel ships did in the movie, if
> I'm not mistaken.
> I think the Imperial fleet took enough beatings to warrant a retreat-their
> command ship was destroyed and also their key space station. Plus I think
> the destruction of the DS itself probably consumed a few Star Destroyers as
> well.

Actually, they surrounded the Death Star (presumably to prevent anyone from
escaping *cough*Emperor*cough*), and then once the Death Star started firing at
them, they moved in to close range. And even then, Akbar made it clear that
they were so heavily outnumbered that there was no chance of them even living if
they stayed around for very long. The loss of the Executor was no doubt
painful, and there are scenes that distinctly show a couple of other Star
Destroyers turning into expanding clouds of gases. But even the loss of half
the fleet would still probably have left the Imperial fleet in stronger shape
than the Alliance fleet. It all comes down to realism versus storytelling, and
the most anyone can attempt to do is to come up with some sort of rationale
after the fact, much as Timothy Zahn (who, I should add, is the only one of the
Star Wars authors whose books I enjoyed) did. Is it a weak rationale? In my
opinion, yes. But its about the best one can make of the situation.


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