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Sat, 2 Dec 2000 20:29:13 -0800 (PST)

--- Brett Jensen <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've been off the list for a few months so I hope
> nobody else has posted
> this.

where you gone off to eh? :)

>I just read this on "Anime on DVD":
> "The Original Mobile Suit Gundam (all 43 episodes)
> is coming to Home
> Video next year. Yoshiyuki
> Tomino Sensei (creator of Gundam) is involved with
> the dubbing &
> production. The episodes are all
> being digitally re-mastered to make the colors
> brighter and add
> parallax/focus effects to give the
> show greater 3D feel."
> parallax/focus effects to give the show greater 3D
> feel??? Am I the only
> one disturbed by this? It's bad enough we have to
> see Cheezy-ass digital
> effects in modern anime, (KOFF... angel Links...
> KOFF, KOFF) but to
> screw around with MSG is pretty much evil. I'm glad
> I bought that LD box
> now after all.

i have just one question, and it's about distribution.
 all that is well and good, but just *where* are the
home vids gonna be distributed? all over? or just in
the US/canada?

i don't wanna have another major pain in the ass
disappointment like the one i had when i found out
original macross in subtitled dvd's were gonna be out
-- except they were only going to be distributed to
US and canada. that sucked. i think i almost burst
my jugular. :(

still thinks that bandai is giving kawamori the short
end of the stick (just coz they won't do half decent
model kits of macross and escaflowne). bah humbug.


i want perfect grade strike valkyrie.

*sniffle sob*

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