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>I suppose one could argue that the Alliance made provisions to broadcast the battle to the rest of the Empire via pirated holonet transmissions (as they knew the Emperor would be onboard Death Star II, and were expecting his death), and the Emperor permitted the piracy as he was fully expecting said transmissions to broadcast the destruction of the Alliance fleet. All in all, its just one of those things. I suppose its mainly in there for a story standpoint. It says, more or less, that the war is over, the story is over, and we shouldn't expect any further comments
>about it from Lucas.

Point...but I've always been of the opinion that the Empire's upper echelon maintained a VERY tight control over the things that were allowed to be shown on Coruscant. Plus, it just seemed that the news got out too quick. Maybe if they were sent in "real time", but I don't think even the emperor was that cocky.

>When it comes right down to it, almost immediately after blowing up the Death Star, the Alliance fleet should have high tailed it out of there instead of celebrating on Endor. They may have destroyed the Death Star and the Emperor, and caused the destruction of the fleet command ship, but there were so many Imperial ships present that they probably could have executed a mass charge into the Alliance fleet with enormous casualties, and STILL destroyed the Alliance.
>But that wouldn't make for good story telling.

Agreed. And the fallout from the Death Star (radiation, debris, etc.) should have demolished the surface of Endor as it had no shields, but we conventiantly forget those things...but there is one website (whose link I've since lost) called the Star Wars Techinical Files or something along those lines, that actually goes ito great detail over this and all other techincal matters in Star Wars. I really need to hunt that site down again. Yavin should have been the same way.

As for the Imperial fleet being able to take out what was left of the Alliance, maybe, but Timothy Zahn came up with a pretty good explanation for it, and unlike the Kessel Run attempt, this does make sense. He said that the fleet was tied together through the Emperor's force abilities for more effective combat abilities, and when he, Vader, the Death Star, the Executor and multiple Star Destroyers were destroyed or captured, the rest lost their morale (a definate consideration) and left after Cmdr. Palleon (I think) took command and ordered their retreat. All it takes is one call to retreat for an army to collapse like a house of cards. It almost went that way for the Alliance when Ackbar ordered a retreat, but Lando was able to keep them together and in battle.

And of course, what you didn't see, just like in the original Star Wars, is all the rebel ships and transports hightailing it out of the system while their main heroes partied. Most of the fleet had probably already left.

I also still wish the original ending had been kept, and Lando had died with the Falcon trying to escape the exploding Death Star II.


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