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> >One more point I should add-perhaps the other planets were contacted via
> >hologram images(In both Empire and Phantom, there are certain long-distance
> >hologram connections). Also, perhaps the Tatooine people were celebrating
> >the death of Jabba.
> The problem being that the Emperor made sure that his forces had a stranglehold on all Holonet communications. If a person is able to quickly and fairly freely communicate with anyone else in the galaxy, it doesn't allow for the tight grip and cotnrol that the Emperor wanted in his New Order. The desimination (sp?) of knowledge is one of the deathblows to tyranny and oppresion after all. Therefore, he dismantled all planetary holonets, and made sure that they were only left in the hands of his fleet and Imperial governors (or more to the point, Moffs and Grand Moffs).

I suppose one could argue that the Alliance made provisions to broadcast the battle to the rest of the Empire via pirated holonet transmissions (as they knew the Emperor would be onboard Death Star II, and were expecting his death), and the Emperor permitted the piracy as he was fully expecting said transmissions to broadcast the destruction of the Alliance fleet. All in all, its just one of those things. I suppose its mainly in there for a story standpoint. It says, more or less, that the war is over, the story is over, and we shouldn't expect any further comments
about it from Lucas.
When it comes right down to it, almost immediately after blowing up the Death Star, the Alliance fleet should have high tailed it out of there instead of celebrating on Endor. They may have destroyed the Death Star and the Emperor, and caused the destruction of the fleet command ship, but there were so many Imperial ships present that they probably could have executed a mass charge into the Alliance fleet with enormous casualties, and STILL destroyed the Alliance.
But that wouldn't make for good story telling.


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