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At 10:27 12/01/2000 -0800, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Right afterwards, Zeon adopted the Joint Equipment Plan, redesigning
>their most succesful mobile suits to use standard parts for ease of
>production and maintenance. Only a few designs were adopted for this
>program - the Rick Dom, Gelgoog, Zaku, Z'Gok, and Hygog, from which we
>get their 0080 incarnations.

        Uh... The Zugok and Hygog were both experimental designs, IIRC. Were
they part of the JEP?

        The idea behind JEP is sound, and is what many modern military is
trying to do, for example the NATO 7.62mm standard (despite the fact that
M16s are using 5.56mm..)

> That's the official line, anyway. It's still a stupid rationalization
>for the 0080 designs - Zeon had already standardized its mobile suits by
>halting production of everything but the Gelgoog, and none of the 0080
>designs appear to have any parts in common (like, say, joints). But there
>you have it.

        Now that you mentioned it, it is pretty stupid, but perhaps they
weren't really standardizing everything, just the common parts. Like,
perhaps apogee motor designs, weapons and coolant connection points,
standardization of weapon bore (90mm etc, but the 110mm of the Gelgoog JG
throws things out the window).

        Actually, with just a casual exterior inspection, we can't really
tell if a specific joint actuator is the same as that on another MS. So I
guess it is possible to have 70%-80% common parts.

        Perhaps what they standardized is the reactor design; I don't have
the stats handy, so this is probably wrong. My idea is that Zeon
standardized their reactor size, and simply fit more into high power suits
to compensate.

        Still, an Omni-Dom is a better idea than starting from scratch.
Simply adopt the Funf's specs for other MS, and you can swap parts between
MS easily. Strange that they simply abandoned the Funf line..

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