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On Sat, 2 Dec 2000 21:10:45 -0500 Chris Maier <> wrote:
> In the novels, it's revealed that the mob on Coruscant is executed by
>Ysanne Isard.
> Of course that's not canon of course- Star Wars fans have been doing a real
>witchhunt on the books/comics/video games etc. That's kind of
>harsh....almost like saying every Gundam Tomino wasn't involved in was
>absolute rubbish(Althou some fans think that way, although I've yet to come
>across somebody who doesn't like 0080)

It's my least favorite of the UC Gundam I've seen (the MSG movies, 0080, 0083, 12 eps of Zeta (my favorite), CCA and F91). Don't know's got a good story, but I just didn't like the characters and what not in it.

As for Insane Ysard (as I like to call her) killing the mob...that's fine and dandy...the point is, they couldn't have gotten the info on the rebel victory that fast. And actually, I thought that Lucas had pretty much said that the novels set in the period after RotJ were pretty much cannonical (at least those written in the past decade, starting with Timothy Zahns's Heir to the Empire), as he didn't plan on doing movies set in this period. In fact, he authorized the major thing that RA Salvatore did in his Vector Prime novel, and even encouraged it from what I understand.


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