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One more point I should add-perhaps the other planets were contacted via
hologram images(In both Empire and Phantom, there are certain long-distance
hologram connections). Also, perhaps the Tatooine people were celebrating
the death of Jabba.

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> wrote:
>> Since Tomino is involved with the US version of First Gundam,
>> there's
>> really no need to worry. Since he did create it and all.
>> Aaron
>> "Believing a sign of Zeta"
>Tomino worship aside...^_^ That's not nessisarily true.
>It's kind of like "Star Wars: special edition", some people like the
>added stuff and some (Myself included) Don't.

I do have to admit that while I thought some of the additions in the
original Ep4 A New Hope were pretty good (like adding back in the scenes
between Han and Jabba and the scenes with Luke and Biggs, after all, they
were originally to be in there anyways...even though Jabba was just a fat
human at the time), he did add some stuff to it that wasn't Boba Fett at the meeting between Jabba and Han (you could
tell he wasn't in the original footage). And of course, there is the one
REALLY unforgiveable change in that movie....having Greedo shoot at Han
first. Sorry, but that just ruined that whole scene. Han should have been
the first, last and only one on the trigger in that scene. That was the way
he was at that time.

As for the others, yeah, the changes made in them really didn't add all that
much to them, and the final additions at the end of RotJ really didn't make
that much would days, weeks or even months for the news of the
Rebellion's victory at Endor to reach the parts of the galaxy it was shown
to be known at...and they definately wouldn't have been celebrating on
Imperial Center (Coruscant). The Empire definately wouldn't have broadcast
its defeat, and the rebels would have had to carefully smuggle the tapes in.
That alone would most likely take months in most of the areas.

>And I really resent George
>Lucas for not letting Myself and those like me purchase the Original
>movie that we grew up with, ever again.

While I can see his PoV, I can really sympathize with yours. I'm just glad I
picked them up before the Special Editions ever came out.

But I don't really think there will be that much to worry about in the case
of Gundam...I think it is mostly just going to be restored, with some 3D
blurring (that thing the others were talking about...forget the name of the
process at the moment) to bring it slightly more up to date.


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