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> With Amuro and Char's death (?) Gundam is dead too. If other serie must be
> done, I want to ask you one thing: wouldn't you like to see Char's
> escalation between the top aces of Zion Principality, fighting versus the
> Earth Federation and with an increasing hate to Zion ("Zion" is the
> name of Zeon, as I have noticed yuo refer to) family? I would. Tell me
> you think about or what kind of Gundam series (that againg doesn't exist)
> you would like to see. But, please, a Gundam Universal Century one.
> Alessandro

I don't know about Gundam being dead with the death of Char and Amuro; for
me, Gundam has always been larger than the characters or the MS's. I think
I subscribe more to the Idea that it was about this epic history based on
certain precepts, and then it has stories set up in this history. That way,
it also explains the AC's -- whch are basically just tweaking the precepts.
I don't know, I just feel that way.

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