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> The main problem I have with the game is that it (from what I understand)
is set on Kentares, and you are playing a character whose parents were
killed in Katherine Steiner's purges and you want vengeance and to reclaim
your title. Two problems with this (well, one only applies to me, and varies
from person to person. The other though, is valid based on the universe's
> 1) I am Lyran. The Lyrans are portrayed as the bad guys in this.
Therefore, I have no interest in getting the game.
Shrug. I wouldn't let it deter you in the slightest. The acting is so bad
and the story is so weak at times that I found myself just skipping the
briefings. The only thing I ever cared for was when my mech engineer would
comment on a new chassis or weapon I picked up on the previous mission and
gave suggestions. That was kinda cool.

> 2) From what I've seen, Clan 'Mechs figure prominantly in the game. What the hell are so many Clan 'Mechs doing in FedSuns space when the Clans never invaded their territory? And most Clan 'Mechs are only seen in their frontline units, and only come from battlefield salvage or other captured units, so there aren't that many. So, yet another reason I don't care too much for the game. It isn't realistically based on the universe from that standpoint. > My familiarity with the BattleTech universe is _very_ low. I know that there are the Clans and the Inner Sphere, and I know that they share some mech's between them (MadCat/TimberWolf, for one). From talking to friends on IRC who were a bit more familiar, the strange mix of Clan and Inner Sphere mech's was quite offputting to them. Ultimately though, this is just a fun game. It's way more arcadey than MW2, but its got sweet, lag free multiplayer. Hardcore simulator fans will probably be pissed, but for just the pure pleasure of running around blowing shit up ... well this is a winner =)

> What I am interested in is that they say there are several 'Mech, and maybe weapon types, that are introduced in the game for the first time. Would it be possible to get some stats on these please? I'd appreciate it. But if you do feel so inclined, you might want to send them off the GML. I'm not sure how many here would appreciate having their mail folders clogged with 'Mech stats.

I would, but I'm not sure which mech's are new. Like I said, I don't have intimate knowledge of the universe. The only one I know for sure is new is the Madcat Mk.II (like a Madcat Mk.II, except its 90 tons and mounts ballistic weapons instead of beam weapons. It also can't use jumpjets, iirc). There should be fansites springing up with this info soon enough, now that its in stores.

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