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>Anyway Barefoot Gen is born as a manga and it has taken several prizes as
>best comic in Europe. And if you like works (manga or anime) about WWII I
>suggest you a work by Osamu Tezuka, the original title is "Adolph ni
>the translation of the italian title is "Story of the three Adolph". It's
>just superb.

When did the comic come out? I'd really like to get ahold of a copy. I know
the anime was based on a great old book, a best seller in Japan, but the
name eludes me (but the irony of not remembering it does not, given the
topic of remembering your history ^_^;;;).

There's also another realyl great comic based on WWII, named 'Maus', tho'
not anime. It's a great play on the whole cat and mouse theme, wit eth cats
as the Nazis, and the mice as the jews. It's really worth taking a lok at,
if you havn't already done so.

I can't remember whether it was an anime movie, or live action, but there's
a film I'd really like to find. It's about two boys named Adoph growing up
during the war. One boy was German, while the other was either a Polish or
German Jew, and their relationship through the whole ordeal. I've heard
nothing but good things about it.
Anybody know which movie I'm talking about?

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