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>Well, seeing as I've finished the singleplayer campaign, I'll tell you its
>only about 20 missions long, and not overly exciting. If you're buying this
>game you're buying it for the multiplayer, it seems.
>As for the improved mech lab, you now have various hardpoints of different
>sizes and types, beam, ballistic, missile, and omni onto which you can mount
>various weapons of a specific type and size. It's a little different, but
>means you have to use a lot more strategy when designing your mech. It
>annoyed the hell out of me in singleplayer, but it makes for a much more fun
>multiplayer mode...

It also makes more sense from a real world standpoint. The connections and power requirements for different weapons or electronics systems would mean that you'd have to include alot of extraneous (sp?) connections if you could do everything everywhere.

The main problem I have with the game is that it (from what I understand) is set on Kentares, and you are playing a character whose parents were killed in Katherine Steiner's purges and you want vengeance and to reclaim your title. Two problems with this (well, one only applies to me, and varies from person to person. The other though, is valid based on the universe's reality):

1) I am Lyran. The Lyrans are portrayed as the bad guys in this. Therefore, I have no interest in getting the game.

2) From what I've seen, Clan 'Mechs figure prominantly in the game. What the hell are so many Clan 'Mechs doing in FedSuns space when the Clans never invaded their territory? And most Clan 'Mechs are only seen in their frontline units, and only come from battlefield salvage or other captured units, so there aren't that many. So, yet another reason I don't care too much for the game. It isn't realistically based on the universe from that standpoint.

What I am interested in is that they say there are several 'Mech, and maybe weapon types, that are introduced in the game for the first time. Would it be possible to get some stats on these please? I'd appreciate it. But if you do feel so inclined, you might want to send them off the GML. I'm not sure how many here would appreciate having their mail folders clogged with 'Mech stats.

Thanks in advance.

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