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Well, seeing as I've finished the singleplayer campaign, I'll tell you its
only about 20 missions long, and not overly exciting. If you're buying this
game you're buying it for the multiplayer, it seems.
As for the improved mech lab, you now have various hardpoints of different
sizes and types, beam, ballistic, missile, and omni onto which you can mount
various weapons of a specific type and size. It's a little different, but
means you have to use a lot more strategy when designing your mech. It
annoyed the hell out of me in singleplayer, but it makes for a much more fun
multiplayer mode...

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> >From what I've heard from people, the single player campaign is about 30 > missons, set in a variety of environments. Also the mecha design lab have > improved to limit the number of designs. As soon as my order arrives and my > finals are finished, I will be playing it all day long! Oh yeah, I forget to > mention that Breath of Fire 4 and FF9 are out too! Looks like a busy > Chrismas vacation to me... > >

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