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> Wow, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were my father, being the huge
> history buff that he is. Especially when it comes to topics such as this.

I may be old enough to be your father -- I just turned 49 in September.

History is one of the three pillars of civilization, along with language and
mathematics. If you don't know where you've been, how can you ever hope to
guess at where you may be going? The best way to avoid making mistakes is to
learn from the lessons of those who have, including yourself.

Alas, America was founded by those who sought to break with the past and begin
anew, to such a degree that the whole nation suffers collective amnesia about
anything more than a decade or two in the past. Even Gundam is still remembered
only because it's still with us and has been making itself know almost
continuously for the last 15 years. How many Web sites and mailing lists are
there for Julie the Wild Rose, Future Robo Daltanius, Josephina the Whale, Heart
of the Red Bird, Isabelle of Paris, Marine Express, Dinosaur Age or Fighter
Gaudeon? They all ran concurrently with Gundam in 1979. The Gundam
contemporaries we remember are the ones that were remade or updated over the
years: Cyborg 009, Time Bokan, Doraemon, Ultraman, Lupin III, Starzinger, Space
Cruiser Yamato, Gatchaman, Galaxy Express 999 and Blue Noah.

> This is very keen stuff, where'd you find out about it?

One of the dubious benefits of a classical education. That, and being a history

If you type "St. Chad" into the Address bar of your browser, you'll find dozens
of Web sites dedicated to this fellow.


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