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According to Jerry Chu from the Bandai Panel at Aka Kon, the 3D effects are
simple blur and perspective effects to make it seem 3D. I've heard that
Tomino is a bit of a picky person actually, so I have confidence that the
"3D" effects will actually turn out nice. After hearing directly from a
Bandai guy that is.


>Hi guys,
>I've been off the list for a few months so I hope nobody else has posted
>this. I just read this on "Anime on DVD":
>"The Original Mobile Suit Gundam (all 43 episodes) is coming to Home
>Video next year. Yoshiyuki
>Tomino Sensei (creator of Gundam) is involved with the dubbing &
>production. The episodes are all
>being digitally re-mastered to make the colors brighter and add
>parallax/focus effects to give the
>show greater 3D feel."
>parallax/focus effects to give the show greater 3D feel??? Am I the only
>one disturbed by this? It's bad enough we have to see Cheezy-ass digital
>effects in modern anime, (KOFF... angel Links... KOFF, KOFF) but to
>screw around with MSG is pretty much evil. I'm glad I bought that LD box
>now after all.
>---Brett Jensen
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