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At 14:21 12/02/2000 +0100, Alessandro wrote:
>As Nietzsche once (in "Also spracht Zarathustra") told, I can tell you that
>Gundam is dead.

        I don't totally agree with you. I feel that there can be a Gundam
show without any relation to Amuro and Char. Examples are 0080 and 0083 --
they had practically no links to either of the above. I feel that a late UC
0090 Gundam series is still a possibility, except that the storytelling must
be really good. Right now, all post-UC0090 series are pretty sad in terms of

        The problem with post-UC0090 stories is that the pioneer series --
F91 and V Gundam -- and created some difficulties in crafting a believable
enviroment. Basically, IMO, their advancement in technologies made it
difficult to shoe-horn a new series into the existing timeline.

        I personally like stories set in the OYW period best. I feel there's
a lot of room for side stories, especially on Earth -- Zeon's attack on
Earth and the battles on Earth can be an excellent backdrop to a new series,
especially IF the designers don't go mecha crazy and invent whole new
sub-types of MSes.

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