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As Nietzsche once (in "Also spracht Zarathustra") told, I can tell you that
Gundam is dead. You have seen Wing Gundam in english translation before
Gundam and can't fully understand what I feel (in Italy, Gundam had been
broadcasted twenty years ago; but Gundam's broadcasting not bein authorized
by Sunrise was suspended after having seen it twice). I really can't
understand passion for other Gundam series but the series from the first to
the film "Char's counterattack" (including Z and ZZ series and the 0080 and
0083 OAV and the actual o8th team OAV series). IMO there can't be a Gundam
withot Amuro and Char's fightings. It's just a merchandising operation the
creation of series as Victory Gundam, Turn A Gundam and Alternate Universes'
series. Selling something connected with Gundam's name is easier than
selling something that must have time to impose over other series. Now, in
my country, Gundam Wing will be brodcasted (any way this is what I have
heard to say). I am not enthusiastic as I see you are. I am sorry. But,
though I was just a child, I can't forget the last episode of Gundam, the
fighting between Amuro and Char, Char that shoots to ... (you know the
person he shoots to, don't tou? If you don't, I won't say that). Images
strongly impressed in my mind and in my heart. Nothing can take their place.
With Amuro and Char's death (?) Gundam is dead too. If other serie must be
done, I want to ask you one thing: wouldn't you like to see Char's
escalation between the top aces of Zion Principality, fighting versus the
Earth Federation and with an increasing hate to Zion ("Zion" is the Italian
name of Zeon, as I have noticed yuo refer to) family? I would. Tell me what
you think about or what kind of Gundam series (that againg doesn't exist)
you would like to see. But, please, a Gundam Universal Century one.

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