Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Sat, 02 Dec 2000 09:32:27 -0500

missons, set in a variety of environments. Also the mecha design lab have
improved to limit the number of designs. As soon as my order arrives and my
finals are finished, I will be playing it all day long! Oh yeah, I forget to
mention that Breath of Fire 4 and FF9 are out too! Looks like a busy
Chrismas vacation to me...

>The singleplayer story is kinda weak and is way
>too short (only about 20 missions long) but the multiplayer is where this
>shines. Nothing like duking it out against 15 other giant robots in a city,
>or a desert, or a swamp...
>Doesn't even come close to the Gundam concept of giant robot combat, but
>still a fun game =)
>Any GMLers playing it yet? If so we should all get together for a
>multiplayer game some time.
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