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I have Mechwarrior 3, is it compatible? I am a MAJOR Mechwarrior fan so
if ya want to talk mecha, I'm here!

~Chris "NeoGoji" M.~

Echo|Fox wrote:
> Been playing Mechwarrior 4 a lot lately, and it's a pretty nifty game.
> Stunningly gorgeous graphics, audio that really makes you feel like you're
> in a [25 to 100] ton mech. The singleplayer story is kinda weak and is way
> too short (only about 20 missions long) but the multiplayer is where this
> shines. Nothing like duking it out against 15 other giant robots in a city,
> or a desert, or a swamp...
> Doesn't even come close to the Gundam concept of giant robot combat, but its
> still a fun game =)
> Any GMLers playing it yet? If so we should all get together for a
> multiplayer game some time.
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