Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Sat, 2 Dec 00 00:54:13 -0500

>Yeah. It was one of the Retcon things, I think. They tried to redo it, but
>it didn't come off well. Little interesting fact: I saw the Zeta first in
>this version, so when I saw the real one, the real version kinda looked
>starnge to me, LOL!

I don't like this version (the redone 1/144) The Wing Binders are huge,
like they're trying to make it look more like the Zeta Plus C1, with the
lower wing section being really big, instead of really tiny like on the
original. But the worst part of this model is the fact that it's
constructed in such a wildly different way that you can barely use it for
scrap parts!! The only thing I salvaged are the Beam sabers, one I used
on Nu Gundam, one on my Zeta Plus, after I drilled a hole in the right
hand... The Zeta's Legs are built crappily and they don't go with any
other model... so those are useless. The arms are salvagable I guess, but
since this is wildy original Gundam, it's a wildly original model, so may
parts are different... oh well, that sucks, I lost 15 bucks, no biggy

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