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> -Z- wrote:
> > > Is Diana older than her apparent teenage age? Has the Moon society
> > > progessed that much medically over the years?
> >
> > She's about a century older than her apparent age, having spent most of her
> > in suspended animation. She went to Earth when she was 19 and went into
> > suspended animation immediately upon her return to the Moon. She was
> > just about the time the Moon Race gave up on peaceful coexistence.
> Did the show provide reasoning behind either the first Earth trip, or the
time spent in
> suspended animation?

Alas, I haven't drilled down that far yet. I haven't actually seen the show
yet, just the 1st season opening and closing credits. I've got the film comics
and am trying to get the manga, but I'm not that good with Japanese, especially
fine print, so it's tough going.

As I learn, so shall I relate. Until then, we can but prevail upon those who
know to enlighten the rest of us.

(hint, hint)


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