Richie Ramos (
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 12:32:02 +0800

> >Also, I realized that on the Zeta, the wing binders look funky... I don't
> >remember seeing them look anything like that in any picture before, any
> >reason?
> They screwed up quite a bit on that model. Note the artistic liberty they
> took with the shield. But the biggest mistake I've noticed with the model
> was that they even made it at all.
> I will concede, tho', that the 1/100 does look worse (that chest IS really
> bad). I can't comment on construction, tho'. Never been drunk enough to
> it :P
> -G

Yeah. It was one of the Retcon things, I think. They tried to redo it, but
it didn't come off well. Little interesting fact: I saw the Zeta first in
this version, so when I saw the real one, the real version kinda looked
starnge to me, LOL!

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