Richie Ramos (
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 12:30:11 +0800

> >the Z+ is still one of th most
> >kick ass glue kits I've ever seen.
> THANK YOU! I have the S Gundam 1/144, and it's ok... sorta. It barely has
> any mobility, and there are a bunch of parts that move but don't do
> anything, this is because of the core booster and the fighters and such,
> so you end up with a model that can't transform and has lots of little
> moving parts that don't do anything. BUT, this kit is REALLY good as a
> show piece. If you pose it just standing there, it looks totally bad ass,
> but as far as anything else goes, it's not that great.

Aye well, that's true, but don't they look good just standiong thee looking
like they're ready to kill? Personally, I fix the tranformation joints of
my glue kits into place. If I wanted them to transform, I would have bought
two kits, and one would be transformed, the other not. I dunno, it's just
that I still think of model kits in the old ways.

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