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Lim Jyue writes,


> Second. In both cases, as the I-field is unlikely to be sustainable
>over a certain distance, won't this means that a ship re-entering Earth
>drop like a stone in the initial phase, and then bounce up when the I-field
>encounters a conductive material? Even with retros and such, warships like
>the Pegasus isn't what I consider aerodynamic. Isn't this dangerous?

Yep, I wouldn't recommend it. Basically the Minovsky craft system would
protect you during re-entry, then you're free-falling, then it kicks in
again as you approach the ground. Fortunately for the White Base, it has
regular jet/rocket engines to cover the middle stretch, but I dunno how
the thruster-less Apsaras is supposed to manage...

Slow itself down with the mega particle cannon, no this is not a joke, I
really do think that the thing does have to fire the cannon to slow itself
down. Note though, the MA was supposedly pwerful enought to go out of the
atmoshere, how does this fit in?

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