Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 23:18:06 -0500

As I was painting my Heero Yuy figure today, a weird thought came to my
mind. How come Bandai never released Gundam pilot in forms of full-action
figures, or models? Sure, the mobile suits are the man focus of the Gundam
series, but the character designs are very interesting too!

IMO, it will be cool if Bandai decides to release a 1/16 HGGP(HG Gundam
Pilots) line of figures/models. These HGGP should consist of polycaps in the
wrists,shoulders,hip,knees,neck,elbows,and ankles. Also accessories like
hand guns, knives, and display stands should be included in these kits. I
guess the standard prices for the HGGP should be around 500 yen.

For more demanding modelers, there will be a 1/10 MGGP line, which features
greater flexibility and details. The basic structure of these kit will be
similar to these anime character models you see in Hobby Japan. Just add the
appropiate fabric attires to your MGGP, and you have some realistc looking
character models!

If you are still not satisfied, there will be a 1/6 PGGP line! These kits
will similate the inner skeleton system of a real human body and contain all
the gimmicks from the MGGP. With added bonus features like clear finger/toe
nails, individual fingers, eyes and hairs, these can match up to the PG
gundam kits!

With these pilots models, I can sure create some nice diaramas, like Amuro
and Char fighting over Lala Sun, or Kou and Gato fighting over Nina. or
maybe even the sword fight between Treize and Wufei. The possibility is
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