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>> Hmm....not to go off on a wild tangent or anything,
>> but how many of you guys
>> live within a reasonable driving distance of each
>> other? It seems like a
>> number of you are clustered together, within just a
>> couple cities of one
>> another.
>> In the mean time, I'm off in the middle-of-nowhere
>> Minnesota, and the only
>> one in my group of friends who likes Gundam -_-;;
>> -G

>we live in just one big sprawling labyrinthine city,
>metro manila. :)

>we usually gather on sundays at the local warhammer
>store to talk about modelling, gundam, anime,
>warhammer, the weather, the traffic, the birds and
>bees, and basically oogle pretty women passing by and
>wonder why no females are interested in the hobbies we
>do (not the oogling part, mind you).

My girlfriend did build SD Gundams but whenever it gets down to painting,
detailing, she always turns to me. Weird actually since she's the artist.


>no, we're not full of cockroaches and people with no
>eyes, legs or hands. claire danes was suffering from
>terminal ultraelectromagneticradioactive airheadedness
>when she said that. :D

Damn her for that.

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