Fri, 1 Dec 2000 21:51:25 EST

                   I am new to the mailing list so please excuse me if I do
not follow protocol. Aaron's theory about the power being shown by the color
of the blade fits in nicely from what I was taught in science class recently.
Since the blades are filled with superheated plasma, which is what stars are
made of the heat could be reflected by the color. Red is the coolest unless
we go into neutron stars which is whole different story so I will not
elaborate. Next is orange and yellow which is releatively mild. Followed by
that is the Bluish white plasma color which is at the top of the HR diagram.
So green could exist if it was cooler or higher than all I have listed above.
Tragically I now remember it is only a science fiction saga.....

                                                                   The Newbie,

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