Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 1 Dec 2000 17:57:56 -0800

>Ok, this is something I've been thinking about really hard lately... I
>mean REALLY hard... I've been looking for episodes of the original Gundam
>for some time, and have turned up empty handed, however I never really
>thought of getting the movies. I want to but there are some questions I
>need answered... First of all, what came first? The movies or the show?

The TV series.

>What do you think it better?

You should make that decision for yourself after you've seen both.

>Is the animation about the same?

The 3rd movie is less a compilation of existing TV footage like the
previous 2 movies, because it has more newly animated footage which
had better artwork, too.

>everything that happens in the show happen in the movies?

No. While the main plot arc is there, a lot of events were moved around
while some characters never really got developed/much screen time in the
movie version.

>What is over
>all a better buy? I personally want to get the episodes since they're
>original, right? arrrgggh, dilemma, please help

Wait for them to show the whole series on TV next year.


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