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There were a few Kobayashi model books released. I am not sure if
this is all of them, but the ones I am aware of are:

Two Factory
Hyperweapon 1 & 2

Then the Dragon's Heaven book includes lots of drawing and some model
shots. Then there are a few comics with no model shots.

Then, of course, there are all of those issues of Hobby Japan with
Makato Kobayashi's series AS (Advanced Shape). I do not remember
exactly how long AS ran, but it seems like it might have been two

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> Does anyone know if there was ever a Hobby Japan/B-Club/Model
> Graphix book focusing on the mecha designs by Makoto Kobayashi? He
> was responsible for some really over-the-top MS designs for Zeta
> and ZZ Gundam. I've been collecting Kondo books, and they tend to
> feature a lot of
> Kobayashi designs
> as well (such as the original "O" and Bound Dog designs). Any
> help would be
> appreciated.
> rk
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