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This is old news. Basically, there was an ego clash between the reps from
HG and Toycom, so unless the parties involved leave their respective
company, don't expect to see these Valk toys released to the US market.

You're better off getting the Japanese imports while they last.


>Well someone brought this up on this list a while ago. Here is the latest
>news that was sent to me.
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>Vince Leon
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>Subject: Valkyries delayed indefinately?
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>Nov. 30, 2000
>We just spoke to Jess of Toycom and it appears that the Macross Plus
>Valkyries are NOT going to be released within the next 6-12 months over
>here in the US. We don't have much details but our understanding is that
>the licensing dispute won't be resolved until this timeframe.
>Representatives from Harmony Gold and Big West met about a week ago and
>this was the outcome of the meeting. Based on past delays of these toys,
>our best guess is that we'd be very LUCKY to see them by next Christmas.
>That is IF the licensing negotiations are resolved by then...
>Due to the continuing negotiations and the expected length for resolution,
>we are discontinuing the "INTEREST" list for the Macross Plus Valkyries.
> We apologize for any inconveniences.
>...Weaksauce Bishonen Hosehead
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