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the doctor was another gundam, Aescalpeius (spelling?)
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> The staff of
> > Aesculepius, the Greek god of healing, which didn't have wings and was
> > by a SINGLE snake, was also called a caduceus.
> As I recall, the Greek myth had the son of one of the gods (Apollo, I
> although there's a pretty good chance I'm wrong) save either one, or a
pair of young
> snakes. In return, the snakes 'cleaned' his ears, and he was able to
understand the
> speech of the animals He managed to turn it to beneficial use by learning
> from the animals to become a great doctor. In fact, his skill was such
that he was
> eventually able to bring people back from the dead. As a result, Hades
(ruler of
> the underworld) complained to Zeus about this (as the dead were being
taken from
> under Hades control back into the world of the living), and Zeus decided
that action
> needed to be taken, and had the doctor killed.
> I believe that's where the Greek snake comes from.
> junior
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