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>So from all this, two questions:
>1. Is there any scientific rationale behind the various colors, especially
>in Zeta Gundam era, where there seem to be MS's with both colors.

        Shrug. Coloured dye in the plasma?

>2. Failing that, is there any other possible reason as for the variance in

        There is a very real reason for this: Identification. The animation
crew must know which saber belongs to which MS, and differing colours does
help a great due in identification. For example, GP01's beam saber is one
colour (pink, IIRC), whereas GP-02's almost always green (again, IIRC). This
means the animation crew will know at one look who's saber is where, and
this makes further work on future cells much easier. This is extremely
critical in fast moving saber duels.

        This is an extension of the hair style/hair colour business in
animation. If you look carefully, almost every series' main charactors do
not share the same hair style and hair colour. This is to allow the
animators to quickly identify the correct charactors, so as to prevent
embrassing (and expensive) mistakes.

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