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> In some cases - e.g. the second Psyco Gundam unit seen at Kilimanjaro -
> this is mostly due to a psycommu-based remote-control system. And, in
> general, there's ample precedent for mobile suits doing things on
> automatic pilot - e.g. the Zaku is programmed to use its hand as a
> makeshift elevator to carry the pilot down to ground level. But yes,
> there are some instances where the Psyco Gundam - and even the Bound Doc
> - seem not only to operate on their own initiative, but even to influence
> the mind of the pilot, which is pretty hardcore. :-)
> As a further point of comparison, the workings of the Zero System seem
> almost identical to those of Blue Destiny's EXAM System. Really, there's
> not much of a technological gulf between UC and AC mobile suits...
> -- Mark

hey Mark, wasn't the ALICE of the S-Gundam/EX-S Gundam also a sentient
system? and of course, in a scene in GW, we see a ockpit screen in The
Sandrock with "Alice II" on it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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