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actually, not that bad. I find them to be very good for their time, but
they do need a lot of paint to look good. The construction, however, is
pretty good.

Of the snetinel kits, the only one that I think looked bad was the Sentinel
FAZZ, and even then, that kit looks good. the Z+ is still one of th most
kick ass glue kits I've ever seen.

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> > >I would say the kits from Gundam Sentinel line are the worst I've ever
> >seen
> > >(Puke Green color!). They were made in 1987 and they aren't nearly as
> >good
> > >as the kits from CCA, which were made in 1988.
> >
> >I beg to differ. The Zeta Plus from the Sentinel line is Really good, and
> >it's strangely very out of place with the crappy quality of all the other
> >sentinel kits. Obviously, the Zeta Plus has no puke green, since it's
> >molded in ALL gray (But that's the way it's supposed to look anyway) and
> >it requires some gluing to make it a very sturdy model, as opposed to the
> >other crappy Sentinel models.
> Are the Sentenil kits really that bad? I've been considering picking up a
> couple. The completed ones I've seen are really keen looking, and great
> pieces, especially the Ex-S.
> On the other hand, I really can't stand the Zeta Plus. I still have one
> over a year ago that I still need to paint, but can't bring myself to do
> on account that I can't stand looking at it anymore. It's a shame, really.
> think a 1/100 HG re-tooling could really do the design justice where the
> 1/144 kit couldn't.
> I think the worst kits are the Wing and X
> >models, but even the X models will occasionally have a nice HG
> >
> I think they did a damn nice job on most of the X models. The only one I
> think they screwed up on was the Double X. It's a damn fine looking Gundam
> in the show, but something must have been lost in the TV-to-model
> translation. The kit just looks, well, plain and dull.
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