Nathan Le (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:29:32 -0800 (PST)

i'm new to the list so please don't pick on me

1 - how can Minovsky particles still exist and not
annihilate each other as anti-particles should? Are
they not anti-particles of each other? is there
something like a different barion number or some thing
that not make them ap? what stopped them from
colliding together in an i field?

2 - How can Minovsky particles block radar signatures
without hindering normal human eyesights? radar has
longer wavelength than visible light, so if radar has
to be blocked, so should visible light, right? if it
has something to do with the wave properties of EM,
why is light not affected? with that said, can we work
around the Minovsky particle blockage with laser,
since it apparently is not affected.

3 - The heavy Hydrogen-helium-3 fusion reaction is not
enough energy to give that kind of output and create
Minovsky particles at the same time. why does it seem

4 - how does Minovsky Drive work? like ion drive in
real life? why does one not try to use it as a cutting
weapons while flying?

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