Peter Carranza (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:28:14 -0800

My first Gundam "kit" was a 1/300 Morinaga MSV/Z candy toy back in '86. They
were molded in 1 color only, but were pretty detailed. I had a GM cannon, a
GM-II, and a Gundam. I was way more into Macross at the time though. (Man,
these don't transform?) My next kit didn't come until 1991, an original
1/144 scale RX-78-2. Man that thing looks funny next to the modernized
versions. Also, no polycaps = no posing.


>Subject: Re: First Gundam Model (RE: [gundam] 1/100 Turn-X -- was: Leavi
>Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 18:17:54 EST
>My first kit was the deathscythe hell custom.. It was a great kit.. until i
>kinda painted it wrong back then.. Maybe someday i'll repaint it....
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