Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 21:09:37 -0800

>> No matter how much you think a Zeta kit sucked, it won't hold a candle
>> against the HCM version.
>> Eddie
>Ya know, Eddie, I was planning on buying the HCM Zeta just to see how bad it
>could possibly be until I found out about the Chogokin Zeta. Sure its
>probably going to cost me twice as much, but mmmm ... big, diecast Zeta.
>Transformable. Woot. I can't wait =)

I think both the HCM and the chogokin toys are in 1/144 scale (all Kado Senshi
chogokin toys released to date have been in this scale), unless you are
thinking about the 1/100 scale toy (all plastic, no diecast) that came out in
the late '80s.


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