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You know, given the sucess of Gundam Wing, maybe Bandai will take back their
"No more Gundams" statement as far as UC is concerned and make a third

 (UC fans everywhere scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"....)

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> While it would be nice to never have war again, it's arrogant to say no
> exist anymore on the GW announcers part :) I am sure some MS still exist
> GW's time line. I find it more believable for the remaining MS to be
> with the records of them either erased or put into super secret
> status to be found by some psycho or some desperate person, years later.

I've read somewhere that from a marketing standpoint, this wasn't a good
idea because this would mean no more future series for Gundam Wing since
they did destroy all the Gundams, and in the Gundam Wing universe, the
Gundam technology is unique to the 6 scientists (including that one on the
Peacemillion, forgot his name) so no one else can produce a Gundam with them
dead (I think the Peacemillion guy is still alive, I'm not sure)

remember that none of the Wing boys can produce a Gundam from scratch, only
repair or follow the blueprints like in the case of Quattre and the Wing
Zero. hhhmmm, but then again, you can make a sequel right there, someone
stumbles upon the blueprints of the Wing Zero and uses it for evil!

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